October 8, 2012

Dynamic CRM + IE 10. Scrollbar position indicator barely visible

When I started working on Windows 8 right after the RTM release for partners I noticed an annoying issue. The scrollbar position indicators are barely visible. Maybe my monitor isn’t a professional Eizo, but I didn’t have this issues in previous versions of IE.

Look at this screenshot:
The color difference between the background of the scrollbar and the position indicator is very small. You have to really concentrate to see where it is.

Look at the close up:

image                          image

On the left the original, on the right with marked position of indicator. Doesn’t look very clear, does it?

The colors are:

Indicator: #E9EDF1

If someone knows a good solution, please post it in the comments. It’s a minor issue, but quite annoying.


  1. I really wish this would be addressed. There is hardly any contrast between the scroll indicator and its background. This is genuinely counter-productive and eyestraining.

  2. Please post a solution when you find how to repair this.

  3. Hi,

    I don't think this issue exists any more in the newer rollups. This post was from almost a year ago.